IA Bouwkunde has the following expertise:

– Application for building and user permits:
for small and large projects in the housing and utility sectors.
– Preparation of cost estimates:
cost estimates and overviews of investments are made in various phases of the construction and design process.
– Preparation of renovation and maintenance plans:
preparation and supervision of various renovation projects. Carrying out calculations of the operating costs within the framework of building management.
– Development of building plans and specifications:
in accordance with performance requirements or a programme of requirements as stated in the architect’s design.
– Construction plan assessment:
assessment of applications for a building permit and construction calculations prepared for the municipality. – Design of load-bearing constructions:
in concrete, wood or steel, from the first sketch up to and including the application for the permit and the working drawings.
– Drawing up the contract, advice and assessment:
drawing up the contract for a construction project; advice about putting out to tender and obtaining permits; assessment of offers and conducting price negotiations.
– Management and supervision of the actual construction.